Don’t Write Your Sales Page Without THIS

Launch date on the calendar …

Google Doc open …

Creative juices flowing …

You’re all set to write what will hopefully be your best-performing sales page for your new product, program, or service.  

You imagine your readers nodding along and saying things like “I NEED to buy this!” before they’ve even reached the bottom of the page.  

That’s the goal, right?

So, how do you get there? 

By wielding words that convey EMPATHY.

To turn your readers into buyers, your copy needs to clearly communicate that you “get” them. 

You need to show people that … 

1) You understand their dreams. 

You know what your readers want at both a HIGH level (i.e., to run a freedom-filled, six-figure business) and at a SMALLER, more granular level (i.e., having the flexibility to start work at 10:00 each morning or book every Friday off). You also know the feelings your readers associate with these dreams – such as more confidence, peace of mind, and overall joy. 

2) You understand their most pressing pain points. 

You know exactly what’s getting in your readers’ way of reaching their goals, whether it’s their current actions (i.e., daily habits that are holding them back) or their mindset (i.e., limiting beliefs that they just can’t shake). 

Note: When you touch on these pain points, the idea isn’t to shame your readers, but to simply acknowledge that dreams don’t always come easy – and it’s not for a lack of trying. 

3) You genuinely care about their success.

You sell from a place of service. You want to help your readers be the best version of themselves they can be, and you infuse empowering language throughout your copy to demonstrate this. (Examples: “You have what it takes to do this.” or “You can achieve your biggest goal.”). The minute you try to sell just to sell, your readers will tune out.  

So, where do you get all this empathy?

If you’ve walked in your reader’s shoes … that helps!  

Communicating empathy is easier when you can write from a personal or shared experience. You know exactly what your readers are going through because you’ve lived it yourself. This puts you in a position to write things like, “I know how you feel, because I was in XYZ position before, too.”

If you haven’t shared your readers’ experiences … that’s OK, too! 

Some experiences are so “universal” that you don’t need to have lived them to write about them. For example, if you’ve always been blessed with amazing bosses but your best friend has a grumpy, micromanaging boss who breathes over her shoulder every day, you can easily IMAGINE how that would feel, despite never experiencing it. The same goes for identifying with your readers’ struggles. 

When all else fails … talk with your audience!  

By asking your readers about their dreams, pain points, and personal experiences, you’ll get a far deeper understanding of how to speak to them. 

You can even echo their own words back to them in your sales page copy – which, by the way, makes it easy to speak in their language. 

However you get to know your audience better, your sales page copy will ALWAYS be stronger with empathy. 

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