Get fun, feel-good
sales page copy
in just one day

No more lapsing into a coma as you try to write
your long-form sales page ...

Because now I'll write it for you. 

(Btw, who knew sales pages were soooo long?!?)


Picture this …

Sales page copy that’s done and delivered to you like a highly anticipated Amazon Prime package.

Yup, in just ONE day.

And not just any sales page copy, but copy that’s strategically written to attract all-in, ready-to-invest clients and customers.

No fear tactics or ickiness. Just feel-good, sounds-like-you sales page copy that gets your readers to say, “I want that!”

Because here’s what “they” didn’t tell you about your sales copy:


• There’s SO much to writeTruly. The long-form sales page alone is a doozy. Add in a bunch of launch emails to drive people to your sales page, and you’re looking at an eye-popping word count and WAY more caffeine than your system can take.

• It’s so time-consuming – “I’ll just block off a day to write my sales page copy!” you ambitiously tell yourself. Only … that one day becomes MANY as you struggle to find the right words to sell your offer in a way that's inspirational vs. braggy.

•“Sounds good” doesn’t mean “converts.” – Getting your readers to smile and nod along as they read your sales page copy is one thing. Getting them to book a call, apply now, or invest in you today is another. Is your copy converting the way it should?

It’s all good, though, because you're not gonna write your copy.


Nope. No siree.

You know your time and energy are better spent in your genius zone, so you’re going to outsource to a professional sales page copywriter (*nudge, nudge*) who will sling those words for you.

Even better, your copy will be written VIP Day-style.

Picture me in my copy cave, hunkered down for a day on your copy, so I can deliver the goods faster than ever. It's the next best thing to having your copy arrive at your door like an Amazon Prime package!



With this VIP experience you'll get:

  • My undivided attention – and 20 years' experience – on your brand.
  • A smooth, seamless process to relieve some of your launching stress.
  • Copy that’s written to convert, so you can watch those sale notifications roll in!

Just Imagine:

  • Freeing up your time so you actually have a life during your launch.
  • Loving every word of your new sales page – and wanting to share it with the world.
  • Having copy that SELLS on your behalf. (Kinda the whole purpose of a sales page, right?!)

CHOOSE one (or both) of THESE VIP Day Options:

Sales Page Copy

1 Day

The almighty sales page is where your offer lives, so every word counts. But while the goal is to sell, it shouldn't feel icky. Instead, your copy should empower your audience and come from a place of serving. The beauty of a high-converting sales page? It can make money for you around the clock, even when you’re binging Netflix!


Investment: $2,500 (USD)

Includes all pre-day prep & strategy + copywriting VIP Day + post-day refinements (1 hour)



Now, time to get more people to your sales page! Your 8-10 launch emails will educate, entertain, and engage people from subject to line to finish. They’ll also get people excited to click over to your offer. Simply tell me your launch date, and I’ll create a compelling sequence to meet it. (Just like your sales page, you can reuse these emails for future launches!)

Investment: $2,500 (USD)

Includes all pre-day prep & strategy + 1 copywriting VIP Day + post-day refinements (1 hour)

Optional Add-Ons:


Website Copy / Additional Launch Emails  / Freebie or Webinar Opt-In Pages | Thank-You Pages | Welcome Sequence 



  • A 30-minute discovery call to discuss your project goals.
  • All of my prep work, research, and strategy for your copy.
  • A comprehensive questionnaire to help guide my writing.
  • A full day of focused, done-for-you copywriting.
  • New, sounds-like-you copy in a “design-friendly” Google Doc.
  • A video walkthrough detailing the strategy behind your new copy.
  • 1 round of complimentary copy refinements (1-2 hours).
  • 100% ownership of your new copy, to repurpose anywhere you want.

Investment: $2,500

Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 10.38.59 AM

“We exceeded our first-week sales goal in less than 24 hours, selling more than 100 courses in the very first day, and I KNOW it was in large part due to the amazing sales page copy that Nicole wrote! We had a 5-figure launch in just 7 days with a $37 product – 16% conversion rate in the first week!”

Sarah Masci
Founder, Day Rate Mastery™

Here's how it works


Head to my contact page to book a complementary 30-minute call with me. This is a no-pressure meeting to see if we’d be a good fit and to discuss your unique project & business goals. You can also ask me any questions about my signature VIP Day process. 


If we’re a good match and you’d like to move forward, I’ll send you all the info you need to seamlessly book your VIP Day. I’ll also send you a custom questionnaire to learn more about you, your audience, and your offer so I can write copy that hits home with your readers.

Step 3: Relax while I write

Time to be treated like the VIP you are! While I dive into writing your copy, you can go about your day as usual – you won’t need to be “on call” with me. Stay in your genius zone, show up for your audience, or focus on whatever else moves your business. 

Step 4: Launch with Confidence

Pop the bubbly! It's time to put your shiny new, *non-salesy* sales copy out into the world to get more eyes on your offer. But first ... want some tweaks? After your VIP Day, you can reach out within three business days and I’ll schedule those edits in right away!

More love from Happy Clients

In case you're still wondering ...

My Copywriting VIP Days are perfect for you if:

  • You’re an established business coach, course creator, or other savvy CEO who wants to stay in your genius zone.
  • You'd rather spend your time promoting your offer (on podcasts, IG lives, etc.) than writing about it.
  • You want your sales page copy to speak to a very specific audience – people who are ready to step up, invest, and uplevel their lives.
  • You want to make sure all the time, energy, and expertise you’ve put into your offer pays off with copy that converts.


New around here?

I’m Nicole – a sales page copywriter for online coaches and other female business owners. You can learn more about me here or take a peek at my portfolio here.

I’ve been writing for fun since I was a child (Young and the Restless-type scripts for my Barbies), and professionally for 20+ years. My copywriting days started in marketing departments and ad agencies, where I wrote for well-known, international brands like Kellogg’s, Pepsico, Keurig, and more. Now, I’m thrilled to write for fellow entrepreneurs, like YOU.

I’m a big believer in the power of storytelling and that sales copy doesn’t have to be slimy. That’s why I’ll always inject real, everyday life into your copy. After all, shouldn’t your message be warm and relatable? (Unless your brand is super formal ... YES, yes it should!) 

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