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I know a girl...

Ok, maybe “girl” is a bit ambitious for someone who’s *grudgingly* over the hill. But if you’re looking for someone with 20 years of copywriting experience and a relatable take on entrepreneurship, I’d be happy to chat!


Let's see if we have these audiences in common...

I'm a sales page copywriter for female coaches and course creators who dream of living a life of freedom, purpose, and impact. They love what they do and they do it well!

They’re also on the crazy ride of entrepreneurship – which can be equally exciting and overwhelming.

My goal is to help ease their stress and scale their business through clear, compelling copy that sells without the sleaze.

Popular Speaking Topics

So, what could we talk about? Here are just a few ideas...

  • Copywriting 101: fundamentals for any marketing material
  • Showcasing your unique voice/personality 
  • Writing a high-converting (non-salesy) sales page 
  • Welcoming new email subscribers in a memorable way
  • Writing ongoing newsletters your list will love 
  • Creating launch emails to boost connection & conversion
General Entrepreneurship
  • Running your business as an introvert
  • Going from side-hustler to CEO 
  • Balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship
  • The advantages of a VIP Day service model
  • Staring your business as a “late bloomer”
  • Overcoming money mindset blocks & limiting beliefs


Group Coaching & Summit Appearances

  • The Upleveler Society by Tiffany Napper 
  • SEO for Teacher Authors by Kristen Doyle
  • The Brand Attraction Society by Mallika Malhotra
  • Jumpstart Your Coaching Business by Vanessa Choi 
  • The SoulXpansion Community by Marissa Rubino 
  • The Course Creator Conference
  • The Freelance Revenue Boost Summit 
  • The 10K to Freedom Virtual Summit 
  • The Copywriting Live Summit 2021


Nicole is a sales page copywriter for coaches and creatives – helping them stand out from the crowd, attract their ideal clients, and sell out their signature offers. When she’s not on her laptop, she’s usually spending time with her family, devouring a suspense novel, or re-watching an old episode of The Office. You can learn more about Nicole at or on Instagram - @nkcopywriting.

Nicole is a sales page copywriter with 20 years’ experience in copywriting. After graduating from university with a degree in Journalism, she decided that “getting the scoop” and writing news copy just wasn’t her thing. She then segued into marketing and advertising, where she wrote online, print, and campaign copy for international brands like Kellogg’s, Pepsico, Herbalife, Keurig, and more.

In early 2021, after a whopping 10 years of juggling her 9-5 copywriting career and her freelance clients, she took Nicole Kepic Copywriting full-time. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, Nicole specializes in writing sales page & launch email copy for fellow female entrepreneurs. She’s all about helping people sell their amazing offers with copy that’s fun, engaging, and non-icky.

When she’s not on her laptop, Nicole is usually spending time with her family, devouring a suspense novel, or re-watching an old episode of The Office. You can learn more about her at or on Instagram - @nkcopywriting.



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