From Blank Screen to "Wow, that was easy."

Copywriting templates and guides to show that blinking cursor who's boss.

Staring down a blank screen is just so over-rated. Not to mention, super inefficient. So, let’s bypass the whole writer’s block bit and get you rolling with pre-made copy templates and guides!

Along with providing clear, step-by-step instructions, my copy kits incorporate learnings from my 20+ years as a professional copywriter. They also include strategic rationales and other bonus content, so you have the “WHY” behind what you’re writing. Think of it as DIY … with a twist!

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Elevate Your
Email Copy

Have you been ghosting your email list, wondering what the heck to write them? That’s an easy fix! This email copywriting toolkit contains a plug-and-play welcome sequence template (pre-written by Yours Truly), 52 weeks of newsletter topics (Yep… that’s at least a whole year’s worth if you’re doing the math!) and more to help you create an engaged community of soon-to-be buyers.

Sales Pages That Sell mockup

sales pages
that sell

Planning to launch a new course, product, or service anytime soon? Then it’s time to get crackin’ on a sales page and launch email sequence to promote your offer! This kit contains a high-converting sales page template (showing you what to write and where), 14 plug-and-play launch email templates to drive people to your sales page, and MORE. Even better, you can use this toolkit for multiple launches!

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When it comes to your launch emails, writing the email itself is just half the battle. Equally (if not more) important is your subject line. If it doesn’t grab attention, pique your readers’ interest, or allude to something useful inside, they may hit “delete” without even opening your emails. Get more eyes on your offers during launch time with this handy list of 200+ launch email subject lines!

"I bought your email kit and then went back and bought your launch kit too. They’ve saved me so much time!!! And I will tell you, I’ve purchased two much higher-cost courses by women with massive followings and the value I’ve received from yours has far surpassed theirs. Yours are clearer, more concise, and easier to use than anything else I’ve seen. Love them!"

Marya Choby

Coach and Podcaster

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