Hello friend,
let’s keep you in your genius zone.

How many times have you said, “I need to hire a copywriter for this” … only to end up grudgingly writing the copy yourself?

Sure, the job got done. But …

Did you wish you were doing something else – anything else – but writing?

Did it take you away from other important, revenue-generating areas of your business?

Did you find yourself cursing at a blank screen 10 minutes into the job?

If so, I get it. Between serving your clients, running your team, and strategizing your next big launch, you barely have time to finish your oat latte. So, if copywriting doesn’t light you up inside, there’s a simple fix for that.

*clears throat*

Nicole Kepic_About Me
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(Try saying that one fast!) 

While you’re focused on serving your people, scaling your business, and prepping for your next big launch, I’ll write copy for you that:

  • Sounds more human (because nobody buys from robots).
  • Attracts all-in, ready-to-invest clients – the best kind!
  • Makes people say, "She's the ONLY one I want to invest in!”

More good news: You can pump the breaks on trying to convince people to buy from you. Your brand is WAY too premium for that. Instead, your sales page copy can (and should) create such demand that people will happily hop on your waitlist and pay your rates.

After 20 years as a professional copywriter, I’ve pretty much written it all. But my sweet spots include writing copy for:
  • High-Converting Sales Pages

    From scrollers to buyers: that’s the goal! I use conversational copy to help your readers feel understood, appreciated, and excited to invest in you.

  • Must-Read
    Launch Emails

    I help you use the power of email to drive people to your sales page, thoughtfully moving them from consideration to purchase.

The story behind my
VIP days

Back in 2020, I offered my first “test” VIP Day. Instead of spreading my client’s copy project out over a couple weeks like I normally would, I wrote it in one quick, dedicated sprint.

My client loved this approach … and so did I! Now, all of my done-for-you copywriting services come in a VIP Day package.

Book one VIP Day for sales page copy OR book two VIP Days for extra copy – like your launch emails or web copy. It’s as simple as that, and I’m never going back!

(Psst. You can see samples of my writing on my Portfolio page.) 


The story behind my copywriting career

Rewind a couple decades, and I was a fresh-faced journalism grad on the hunt for a great writing gig. (Boy, I miss my 23-year-old skin!). I quickly went to the dark side – to marketing and advertising – where I spent my entire 9-5 career.

I was hired as the first female copywriter at a sports nutrition company and spent 8 years working alongside bodybuilders before moving on to an education company, then finally, a creative agency. I wrote anything you can think of – TV scripts, print ads, website copy, product packaging, and more – for as many audiences as you can imagine. Brands like Keurig, Kellogg’s, Walmart, and Pepsico were always fun to write for!

But alas, the excitement of entrepreneurship called. After 10 years of side-hustling my freelance writing business (Nicole Kepic Copywriting) I finally left the 9-5 and went ALL in on my business in 2020. As they say, the rest is history!

Wait, you wanted to know more about me?

Let’s see if we have any favourites in common …

  • book
    Book genre

    Suspense or anything by Liane Moriarty.

  • podcast

    Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell.

  • drink
    Yummy drink

    Piña coladas, sipped in the Caribbean.

  • way-to
    Way to relax

    Hot bath and a good book (see above).

  • travel
    Travel destination

    Lisbon, Portugal.

  • pleasure
    Guilty pleasure

    Buying way more lipsticks than I need.