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How to Write a Sleaze-Free Sales Page

Ever been THIS close to buying something, but then backed out at the last minute because the salesperson was horribly, over-the-top, annoyingly salesy? 

It’s not that you didn’t want the product … 

You just didn’t want to be peer pressured like a scene from an after-school special. 

As you’re writing your sales page copy, make sure to avoid these aggressive sales tactics. 

Because if your readers feel any “icky” vibes coming from your copy, they’ll quickly click away and never come back! 

So, without further ado … 

Here are 4 simple tips for writing non-sleazy sales page copy:

#1. Write from a place of caring.   

You created your new product, program, or service to help people, right? Remember that as you start writing. Before diving into all the features and benefits of your offer, take time to identify where your readers are now, where they’re aspiring to be in the future, and what’s getting in their way. Show that you genuinely want to SERVE your audience by offering a solution that has their unique needs in mind. 

Hint: The more “YOUs” and fewer “Is” or “WEs” in your sales page copy, the better! This shows your readers that you’re focused on them vs. yourself. 

#2. Ditch the marketing jargon. 

Some people automatically switch to full-on sales/marketing mode as soon as they start writing their sales page or promoting their offers. However, usually the best “sales” copy doesn’t feel salesy at all, but is written like a friendly conversation from one friend to another. 

Note: That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create urgency in your copy, because otherwise, your readers may never take that next step and buy from you. Just don’t sound like an infomercial or marketing textbook in the process! 

#3. Avoid the dramatic doom-and-gloom.

There’s nothing worse than being made to feel like your entire existence will be worthless if you DON’T invest in someone’s program, product, or service. This just leads to people buying out of fear or guilt – which is never a good idea. 

Instead, your copy should get people excited to buy from you. They should feel joyful, inspired, and empowered vs. bullied into a purchase they don’t even want or need.   

#4. Focus on the positive.

Similarly, most of your sales page copy should have a positive, feel-good tone. Yes, you’ll want to touch on pain points to let people know you empathize with their current struggles. This part’s crucial for laying the foundation of your “problem/solution” setup. 

Just don’t live in this space for the entire sales page. Like any good movie, book, or story, you want to end on a high note!  

BONUS TIP: Do your market research. 

If you regularly communicate with your audience, you’ll already know the phrases they use in everyday conversation. Weave these words throughout your sales page so your copy sounds as authentic to your readers as possible. 


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