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5 Signs It’s Time to Rewrite Your Website Copy

Underwhelming and underperforming. 

If your website copy is either of these things, then it’s time for a change! 

Run through the five signs below for a heart-to-heart with your current copy and let the refresh begin.

You know it’s time to re-write your website copy when …

1. It’s been a hot minute since you wrote it.

When you started your business a year or more ago, you did the right thing -– you got your website up and running without letting perfection hold you back. 

Maybe you DIYed your web copy; maybe you outsourced it. 

And that worked well … until now. 

Because here’s the thing. You and your business have grown leaps and bounds since you started it. Heck, you’ve probably changed your target audience at least five times! 

So, ask yourself this … 

Does my current website copy represent the business I have TODAY? Or is it still caught in the past, reflecting my newbie business offers and audience? 

If it’s the latter, it’s time to give your website copy a revamp, pronto!

2. Your website copy is attracting the wrong people.

This isn’t about being exclusive or pretentious. 

It’s about speaking to people you LOVE working with and who you’re the most qualified to serve. 

(Because if you haven’t gotten the memo, trying to reach everyone on planet Earth usually has the opposite effect).  

It’s also about calling in people who are ready, willing, and able to invest in you right now. 

Yup, your website copy can do that! 

It all comes down to messaging that attracts action-takers

Instead of writing to people who are still on the struggle bus and don’t REALLY want to make a change (even though they say they do!), your copy can connect with people who are excited to jump in right away. 

A quick way to check if your website is attracting your dream clients? 

Gauge who’s filling out your contact form. Are most of these leads bowing out after the discovery call? Or are they saying things like, “I already know I want to work with you!” before you’ve even hopped on the call?

3. Your website copy reads like a wet noodle.

Ever go from website to website in the same industry and feel like they ALL sound the same? 

It’s probably because they’re using the same, watered-down wording or predictable catchphrases. 

Kinda makes it hard to stand out if you’re saying the same thing as everyone else, right? 

That’s why injecting your unique personality is so important. 

People will invest in YOU just as much as they’ll invest in your products or services, so ask yourself these questions: 

  • How can I add a bit of fun, playfulness, and even humour to my copy? 
  • How can I update the copy to reflect the way I speak in real life? 
  • How can I help people get to know, like, and trust me better through personal stories?  

Good news: Your website copy doesn’t need to SHOUT your personality. 

(That would be way too exhausting, and probably slightly obnoxious!)

But with a few tweaks here and there – guided by the bullets above – you can transform your website copy from “meh” to magnetic!

4. You’ve turned your website copy into the Great American Novel.

Stating the obvious here, but we live in an age of scrollers and skimmers. 

If your website copy goes on for daaaaaaays without a break or call to action, then people will click away before they’ve even gotten to the good stuff – your offers. 

Does this mean you can’t write longer-form copy?

Absolutely not. Heck, I’m a copywriter, so I LOVE words!

But if you ARE going to go the longer route … 

  • Make sure every word counts – Skip the fluff and only add copy that serves your reader. 
  • Break things up – Use images, sub-heads, bullets, and other graphic devices to make the copy more digestible. 
  • Keep it engaging – No one wants to read long, boring copy. But long, compelling copy? That’s a YES!

5. Your website visitors are confused – and aren’t buying.

So, someone has landed on your Home page – maybe even checked out the rest of your site, too – and they’re baffled. 

They have no idea what you do, how you can help them, and what they should do next. 

It’s not that your website copy doesn’t sound good. 

It just isn’t CLEAR. 

And in the world of copywriting, clarity trumps cleverness. 

Unfortunately, a confused reader won’t buy – so there goes the sale. 

Instead, re-read your copy through the lens of your reader. The question running through his or her mind will always be: 

“How can you solve my problem?” 

Make sure the answer is not only clear, but woven throughout your whole website. 

This way, your reader will be reassured that you’re the right person for the job at EVERY touch point.

And there you have it. Five signs it’s time to open that Google Doc and start rewriting your website copy.

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