4 Email Topics Your List Will Love

4 Email Topics Your List Will Love

So, you’ve got people on your email list – people who are ready, waiting, and excited to hear from you! 

How cool is that? 

But then the fear kicks in.

  • What if you have nothing to say? (You do!) 
  • What if your emails are boring? (They’re not!) 
  • What if your subscribers think you’re being annoying? (They don’t!) 

And so, you let another week, month, or more go by without writing your email list. 

You want to keep in touch – you really do – but you just don’t know what to say. 

You can use the four email topic categories below to whip up interesting, engaging, and relevant emails that your list will love. 

Good News: You don’t need to keep ghosting your list.

I’ll break it down for you … 

Email Category 1: 


These emails teach something new, provide a helpful tip, or shed a unique light on a common subject to help make your readers’ lives easier. They’re a great way to highlight your expertise and show your audience that you’re also here to serve, not just sell. 



Subject Line: My #1 tip for {insert client paint point or desire here}

Overview: Provide a proven tip that has positively impacted your business, life, etc. – something you know your audience will appreciate too. 

Why it Works: People are always looking for a secret edge to success, and they’ll trust it even more if it’s coming from someone they know (you!). 

CTA (Non-Sell): Ask your readers to reply and share something else they struggle with. That way, you can respond with another quick tip and keep the conversation going. 

CTA (Sell): Invite your readers to book a free call with you to discuss how you can support them in putting this tip into action. 

Email Category 2:


These emails give your readers a behind-the-scenes look at your business journey, your current projects, your process, etc. Lifting the curtain on your business helps build trust with your audience so they feel more comfortable working with you. 



Subject Line: That time when I decided to start a business 

Overview: Describe how, when, and why you started your business. Was it something you dreamed of for years? An impromptu life pivot? Make sure to tie your story back to how you help your clients so that they can see how THEY benefit.   

Why it Works: Everyone loves a good origin story! It also makes you more memorable – and half the battle of running a successful business is standing out.

CTA Option 1 (Non-Sell): Ask your readers to reply and share a bit about their business beginning. 

CTA Option 2 (Sell): Share a link to your Services page so people can see how your business can support them. 

Email Category 3: 


These light-hearted emails let people see the non-work side of you, which is especially important for building human connection. By sharing other relatable facets of your life (such as your hobbies, travels, etc.), people get to experience what you’re like as a person – not just a business owner. 



Subject Line: So … THIS happened 

Overview: Share an embarrassing life or business story (past or present) that was difficult in the moment, but now has you looking back and laughing. Maybe you even learned a valuable lesson from it. 

Why it Works: The subject line grabs attention and sparks curiosity. People also bond through storytelling. 

CTA (Non-Sell): Encourage your readers to write back and share an embarrassing story of their own. 

CTA (Sell): Tell your readers that if they’re the kind of people who can live, laugh, and learn, then they’re YOUR kind of clients! (Include your booking link to invite them onto your calendar.) 

Email Category 4: 


These emails confidently and unapologetically sell your offers. After all, your readers are searching for the solution YOU provide. They have a specific problem that they want solved, and they want to be sold to. To not advertise your paid offers would be a disservice to your audience. 



Subject Line: Wondering if you’ll make the money back? 

Overview: Open by addressing your readers’ skepticism head-on: They want to work with you, but they’re not sure the investment will pay off. Counter this with 1-3 key ways your service always provides a great return on investment. Lead with financial benefits, but also share other perks to working with you (i.e., less stress, more time freedom, etc.) 

Why it Works: People are understandably cautious about handing over their hard-earned money. This email will give them peace of mind that their investment is in good hands. 

CTA (Sell): Ask your readers to book a free call with you – or dive right into sharing your booking link. 

Next, Brainstorm & Batch!

For each of the email topic categories above, simply brainstorm a list of topics that will engage, educate, or entertain your readers. 

And above all else … Make sure your message always ties back to what’s in it for them.

With these email topic categories as your foundation, you’ll reclaim your place in people’s inboxes in no time.  

Love this starting point but want a bit more support? 

Check out Elevate Your Email Copy, my copywriting toolkit containing 52 weeks of email topics spanning the four categories above. That’s at least a year’s worth of newsletter ideas with accompanying subject line and call-to-action recommendations!

Elevate Your Email Copy also includes a plug-and-play welcome sequence template to give your new subscribers the star treatment, a “Sell with Storytelling” guide to help you infuse relatable stories in your marketing, and an “Email Copy Quick Fix” video to show you how to avoid common email writing mistakes.