without begging all your friends and family members to check their inboxes?

It all hinges on clear, compelling subject lines. And, as luck would have it,
I’ve got 200 done-for-you subject lines for every email on your launch calendar!

So, you’ve written your brilliant launch emails.

You’re confident that once people read all the juicy details of your new program, product, or service, they’ll be tapping their way to your sales page in no time. And from there, there will be nothing but Stripe & PayPal notifications ahead! 

But first, your readers need to OPEN your emails.

And that, my friend, is where your subject lines come in.
They need to grab attention, pique interest, and allude to something helpful inside. 
Otherwise, your subscribers will delete your launch emails faster than you can say, “But wait! There’s more!” 

Want to do less chasing and more attracting? I got you!



Grab-and-Go Launch Email Subject Lines

OPEN UP is a collection of 200 strategic subject lines to support every email in your launch campaign. Just open the subject line library, choose which copy you prefer (I’ve provided lots of options), and go!
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Say hello to better subject lines for these crucial emails:

→ Doors Are Open! 
→ Right For You If … 
→ FAQs
→ The Transformation 
→ And More

And goodbye to …

→ Wondering how to craft a subject line that makes people want to click.  
→ Stressing about how to squeeze your copy into just seven words or less. 
→ Worrying your emails will go unread and traffic to your sales page will suffer. 

OPEN UP will do all the heavy lifting (er, I mean writing) for you so you can sit back, relax, and crush your next launch.


Plus, a BONUS for the taking

You’ll also get my mini-masterclass video, 7 Secrets to Writing Better Launch Emails. I incorporate these tips when writing launch email sequences for my 1:1 VIP Day clients, and am happy to share the love! 

Oh, hey! I’m Nicole.

Proud mom, travel lover, suspense novel addict, and owner of Nicole Kepic Copywriting.

I’m a sales page copywriter with 20+ years of copywriting experience … which makes me feel equal parts old and blessed. I never get tired of writing fun, feel-good copy for female business owners like you! 
If we’re anything alike, you don’t have the time or desire to do ALL the things in your business. That’s a one-way ticket to burnout. 
Instead, you want to leverage expert tools to help save you time and fast-track your results. 
That’s why I created OPEN UP – so you can get your amazing launch emails out the door faster, without getting stuck in The Land of Subject Line Confusion. Let the world see your offers sooner, I say!
Owner of Nicole Kepic Copywriting



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